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Neuvik combines a fact-based approach with appropriate transparency when working with our clients.

We put our client's needs first to properly set the conditions around understanding and managing mitigations to discovered flaws.

This means that our clients do not always “like” to hear about flaws in their technology, but they do need to understand critical details in order to take action on what they are hearing.


Success at Neuvik relies on a consistent demonstration of solving meaningful cybersecurity problems.

Each expert here plays a distinctive role the services we provide -- bringing technical, managerial, and strategic expertise to the problems individuals and clients face.


As a services organization, we rely on each other to define and deliver the highest standard of cybersecurity services possible, every time.

This means we see ourselves as peers, working together, inside and outside the security community to create ideas and develop insights.

Together, we solve meaningful problems for the security community and enhance individual careers through skills and knowledge.


How to Apply

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