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We deliver enterprise-grade security services to improve the resilience of your systems, applications, and software—no matter where they sit.

Do you know where your technical gaps are?

If you really want to understand how “attackers or adversaries” are going to look at your systems, the Neuvik Advanced Assessments offers attacker-based assessments to inform your defenses and reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

We identify flaws the systems we assess in order to build resiliency for you. Our team does this through exploitation of your current network, applications, and software.

Who is our team?

Seasoned instructors, educators, and practitioners with the skills to quickly identify flaws and provide business backed security recommendations.

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External and Internal Penetration Testing

Cloud Assessments (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Web Application Penetration Testing

Red Team

Purple Team

Custom Engagements

Other services

How else we help organizations with cyber resilience


Cybersecurity Integrated Risk Management

Need help pulling together cybersecurity initiatives to mature your overall program? See our Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Management Services



Cybersecurity Training & Education

Need to up-skill your people’s cybersecurity ability? See our Cybersecurity Training and Education Services.


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