A <Neu> approach to security

Neuvik was founded by a team of highly skilled practitioners and trainers with a shared passion for providing the right and best cybersecurity solutions for their clients and the world. We hold a simple mindset: we don’t solve “a” problem, we solve the problem behind the problem. We identify and resolve root causes, treating the symptoms and preventing them from resurfacing.

Cybersecurity is more than a set of problems to fix – it's a complex balance of solutions and environments. Through understanding each unique landscape, we create lasting change that intersects all aspects of the business.

what we're working towards

Peace of mind in your security


Proactively building resilience in the systems the world relies upon.


Providing high-caliber cybersecurity services to our clients.


what we believe in

Our values are what drives our work. As we work towards a more cyber resilient future, these are the pillars that we know will get us there.


Our curiosity leads us to check the unexamined assumption – to push to discover the unknown.


We show up, in attentive collaboration with our clients and ourselves, to the best of our abilities.


The advantage of empirical data leads our performance, especially when it's hard.


We provide the highest quality services and people to our clients to help them continue to secure their systems.