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Advanced Assessments


Advanced Assessments

We deliver enterprise-grade security services to improve the resilience of your networks, systems, and applications—no matter where they sit.

Do you know where your technical gaps are?

To understand how “attackers or adversaries” are going to look at your systems, the Neuvik Advanced Assessments provides assessments from an attack's point of view that inform your defenses and reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

We identify flaws in the systems we assess in order to build resiliency for you. Our team does this through exploitation of your current network, applications, and software.

The Neuvik Difference:

With a team of established instructors and seasoned and experienced practitioners, our Advanced Assessments team has the skills and expertise to quickly identify flaws and provide business-backed security recommendations.

Cloud Security Assessments (AWS, Azure, GCP)

By performing a best practice review of your cloud configurations, we identify if any misconfigurations could be abused to move laterally or gain access to sensitive information.

External and Internal Penetration Testing

In an external penetration test, our technical team discovers risks in your externally facing systems, exposing vulnerabilities or potential avenues for compromise.

In an internal penetration test, our team identifies the potential damage an attacker could achieve if they are able to gain access to your internal network or a compromise a user.

Web Application Pentest

We assess your web application and supporting infrastructure (i.e., APIs, databases) for vulnerabilities.

Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) Penetration Testing

We test your cloud environment for the ability to move laterally and escalate privileges within cloud native services.

Red Team

Our Red Team utilizes the TTPs just like real attackers do in order to identify gaps in your people, process, and technology.

Assumed Breach

We determine what type of information an attacker could gain access to in an assumed breach of your internal, external, or cloud environment.

Adversary Emulation

We test people, processes, and technology through gaining initial access to an organization following a single path towards an identified goal.

Advanced Red Team (ART) Assessments

We provide financial institutions in the EU with the ART framework: a highly-tailored Red Teaming assessment that addresses cyber resilience testing through a modular approach comprising physical intrusion, incident response, and network and application security.

ART aligns with Neuvik's service-oriented goal of providing clients with flexibility and value, upholding the rigorous cybersecurity testing standards associated with TIBER-EU while reducing documentation requirements.

Social Engineering Campaigns

To test your organization’s cyber-resilience, we assess your preparedness and resilience to phishing and vishing attempts.

Custom Engagements

Contact us to talk through your technical needs! Our team can perform a wide variety of deep technical assessments in almost any environment.

Other services

How else we help organizations with cyber resilience

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