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Cybersecurity Training & Education

Let us help you build a cyber-resilient organization by training your most important asset - your people.

Where is your cybersecurity skill gap?

Evolving your cybersecurity program involves improving people, processes, and technology. Through customized training, we can help your organization improve on all three aspects by upskilling your people, maturing your processes, and better understanding your technology.

With the most comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity training available, we help build the skills you need to protect your critical and sensitive data.

The Neuvik Difference:

Whether it’s our off-the-shelf offerings or training that is completely bespoke, our team works with you to ensure the results are as impactful and targeted as possible. Our training team provides access to cutting-edge research, hands-on training, and unique insights based on their time as practitioners.

Custom Training

The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing and expanding. Tell us what unique training needs you have, and we will build a completely custom engagement tailored to your environment and organization.


Upskill your developer to have a security mindset and/or train your security team to integrate with your development team.

Threat Modeling

Prepare for and prevent vulnerabilities during the building of your application, not after, by training your developers to apply security concepts during design.

Security Automation

In a fast-moving world of continuous development and deployment, additional tools can be brought bear, and additional considerations are required.

This course covers Continual Integration and Deployment, automated security tools such as Static and Dynamic Application Security Tools (SAST/DAST), and touches on Infrastructure as Code (IAC) security.

Organizational Product Security

Use real-time remediation to improve product security through internal collaboration, fostering a security-oriented mindset in your organization.

Vulnerability Management

Train engineers, security teams, and leadership on the tools and processes to deal with risk, starting with your most crucial assets, to connect resources with risk appetite.

Assembly Language & Software Reverse Engineering

Learn to read and write assembly, then use your new knowledge to tear apart an application – and put it back together your way. This course will teach the basics of software reverse engineering in C.

Security Awareness Training

Learn and create secure habits in your day-to-day life. Covering the ways that all employees interact with computers and data, this course is essential for everyone.

Security Training for Board & C-Suite

A set of workshops targeting Advisory Boards and C-Suites, covering a variety of topics.

Counter-Intelligence/Operational Security

Anyone can be a target. Learn how to protect yourself from malicious actors, whether it be script kiddies or nation states.

Web App Penetration Testing

Whether you develop applications and want to learn to attack them yourself, or you’re targeting apps for your clients, knowing how to identify and prioritize surface area, then investigating those areas of interest will help you find faults in any system.

Other services

How else we help organizations with cyber resilience

Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

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Need help pulling together cybersecurity initiatives to mature your overall program? See our Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Management Services

Advanced Assessments

Advanced Assessments

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Need a low-risk offensive look at your deployed networks, applications, and software? See our Advanced Assessments Service.

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